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Joseph Deshazo met the year-old Miami girl while "chatting" with other Internet users on America Online. The friendship between the year-old man who claimed to be a Bushnell police K-9 handler and the young girl evolved past the anonymity of computer screens and keyboards. Deshazo convinced the girl to chtas him call her, then to invite him for a visit to Miami. On Jan.

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The girl's name is not being released because of the nature of the allegations. An agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested Deshazo early Thursday morning on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior and impersonating an officer while committing a felony. Efforts to reach Deshazo, who lists a mailing address in Bushnell and a street address on Rovan Point in Lecanto, were unsuccessful.

His father, Michael, who is president of Network Communications Corp. This was not the first time Deshazo's mizmi prowess landed him in legal trouble. On Saturday, an Orange County sheriff's detective charged Deshazo with seeking sex from someone who he thought was another year-old he had met via computer. Deshazo arranged a meeting with the "girl," who really was investigator Matt Irwin.

When he met Irwin, he was arrested on charges of chatts lewd and lascivious behavior.

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After that arrest, Deshazo made incriminating statements about the sexual encounter with the Miami girl. In that case, arrest reports did not say whether Deshazo and the girl exchanged pornographic material while Hot sexy horny in Wray Colorado via bulletin boards and Internet chat groups, which simulate conversation at a party. Authorities nationwide are reporting an increase of arrests of adults for computer-related sex crimes.

Many of the adults, through feigning common interests, are able to lure young people into leaving their computer screens for face-to-face meetings. National cjats have shown, not surprisingly, that teenagers are most often the victims. They are the ones who eagerly venture into the chats miami of chat groups on America Online, which claims more than 1-million members nationwide.

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Meanwhile, federal legislators are considering laws that would make it a federal offense to transmit pornographic material to children. National activist groups also are posting Internet bulletins that warn parents and children of computer criminals.

In Deshazo's case, FDLE officials hesitated to talk about the arrest, citing a pending investigation. Arrest papers say miani year-old girl is not the only one Deshazo tried to seduce: At least two other girls say they talked to him by phone chats miami at least one other said he pretended to be a law officer. On the computer, Deshazo was prolific.

He contacted girls, aged 13 to 19, all over the state, the FDLE says. In the case of the Miami girl, the numerous phone calls paved the way for Deshazo to explain his so-called life as a Bushnell police officer. It was at that point that we realized what had happened. We mjami ran back up to the press center.

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Of course it was total confusion. Dhats of the NASA staff, members of the media, everyone running wildly, not knowing what to do, where to go. Some people thought perhaps the vehicle would somehow survive and try an emergency landing back at the landing strip. They tried to get over to the landing strip. It was an incredible morning and when I close my eyes, I can very vividly watch a replay of the hours and minutes before, during and after the explosion.

John Zarrella: There are some very funny stories of those early days.

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And I told him who the person was. And Ted said, "I want that person off the air right now. I turned to our director, and I told him to dump out of the live shot. He looked at me, puzzled, and I said, "Just do it, go to black. Ted Turner is on the phone and wants this person off the air now.

On-line chats led to girl's seduction, officers say

He watched an awful lot, particularly in the morning. Question from DawnL: Ever have the urge to travel to war zones and those types of hot spots? John Zarrella: I've traveled to a few that were hot enough.

I have covered the Noriega case in Panama -- not the invasion but pre-invasion when Noriega was still in charge and had his goon squ running around tear-gassing and beating people. I also covered Haiti through all of the dictators and overthrows of dictators.

And I covered events in Nicaragua during the Contra war. So I've seen my share of hot spots.

But to actually go into a war zone, mismi is something that has never really been an obsessive desire of mine. Question from deafnblonde: Did you have a chance to cover the Andrew Cunanan story from Florida? Can you tell us a little about that?

As many of you know, I traveled to Cuba quite frequently, and I was on asment in Havana when that story finally finished. So my coverage of the Cunanan case was really limited to the breaking news of day one. Question from Meli: Is there a story or event that you would have liked to cover but didn't get the opportunity to and, if so, what was it?

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John Zarrella: Gosh, we don't have enough time for me to tell you all the stories I would have liked to cover. I would love to have covered a political convention. I have never done that. I would have liked to cover the Persian Gulf War. My coverage of it was from the domestic side, traveling to military bases around the U.

I would love to have covered events in Russia when the Soviet Union fell. And mimai I have always loved covering hurricanes, I can tell you that every one of them I missed, I wish I had covered.

John Zarrella: As a correspondent in Cuba, cyats people have always been extremely friendly, and that simply because they may not know that I'm a journalist. I don't always go around with a camera crew when I'm there. The government has always been responsive when we asked for interviews. I can tell you quite honestly that my experiences in Havana -- and I have been traveling there for well over a decade now -- have always been journalistically rewarding.

John Zarrella: My most vivid recollection would be in when I was covering chats miami miaki of Cubans during the rafters crisis.

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I recall standing on the beach in Havana del Este watching people build rafts. There was one group of about six people, men and women. And one of the men who was sitting there had no legs. We asked if he was afraid to be going on this makeshift boat. And he said "no," that his friends were going to tie him to the mast, so there was no chance he would fall overboard in bad weather.

That is one conversation and one story from that crisis that I will certainly never forget, the desperation to leave that island as exemplified by that one man with no legs. John Zarrella: Again, it would take all day to tell you all of the wonderful memories from 19 years at CNN. I have covered cjats, volcanoes, numerous disasters, the Pope's visit to Cuba and airplane hijackings.

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