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Central Asian chat sites can transcend geographic boundaries and repression of information to provide access to information from around the globe. Chat and forums users gain information that is domestically censored or restricted in traditional media and share it with off—line domestic communities.

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Because youth is the dominant demographic participating in chat and forum sites, these online exchanges and communities are likely to have important longer—term implications for information seeking and expectations of new and Adult sex finder in mauritius media. We use cross—country survey data, interview data, and participant observation of online chat and forum sites to explore the exchange of information, emergence of opinions, global connections, and off—line implications for communities within the region.

This study examines how information and communication regkonal take root in a technology—emergent society like Reyional Asia and has important implications for understanding attitudes toward and practices of adopting technology in other developing regions around the world. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the birth of five newly independent Central Asian countries occurred simultaneously with the global revolution of information and communication technologies ICTs that introduced the Internet and mobile phones to the region [ 1 ].

Carrying over Soviet practices, government policies throughout the region repress and censor traditional media rioms Internet usage regional chat rooms limit political, civil, and religious freedoms.

Nevertheless, the diffusion of ICTs to Central Asia and the growth of regionally focused chat and forum sites open new possibilities for local populations to exchange ideas, participate in public debates, and tap into worldwide sources of information. Citizens of these authoritarian countries have few options to freely voice opinions or gain access to domestic sources of unbiased news and information.

Indeed, since we conducted our research in —, the of chat, forum, instant messaging, and social networking sites available to Central Asians, and the volume of young people participating in them, have grown exponentially. This analysis enables us to better understand the emerging Internet culture in Central Asia, the linkages between online and off—line communities, and the implications of new sources of information and technology in a restrictive media environment.

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regionnal Much existing research on the use of chat and forum sites investigates users and applications in relatively developed, democratic, and technologically advanced societies. As a result, these studies miss the importance of how online interactions might allow participants to transcend government repression of information. While an increasing amount of attention is being paid to blogs in authoritarian countries Chowdhury, ; Kelly and Etling, ; MacKinnon,we maintain that the dynamics of chat rooms and forums provide a lower barrier to entry for potential participants, which is especially important in digitally emergent regions.

We argue that the online information sharing in chat and forum sites is critically chqt to real—world social interactions and social networks. Moreover, we argue that, because of the varied geographic locations of participants in a given chat or forum site, users are able to develop global connections that offer opportunities to circumvent regional chat rooms repression and censorship of information by local governments.

Our argument builds on the two—stop flow theory of communication Lazerfeld, et al. Chat and forum Adult want casual sex Milburn Kentucky allow participants to access information that is otherwise not domestically available and share it with off—line communities. To make these arguments, we employ cross—country survey data, interview data, and participant observation of online chat and forum sites to examine the exchange of information, global connections, and off—line implications for communities within the region.

In addition to analyzing general trends of Internet use and information seeking behavior in Central Asia, we have gathered and analyzed data on the technical format, demographics, and social dynamics of chat rooms and forums in order to understand why regonal how people are using chats and forums in the region.

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regional chat rooms Moreover, this study extends the analysis of how these technologies take root in a technology—emergent society like Married New London woman Asia, with important implications for understanding different attitudes toward and practices of adopting technology in other developing regions around the world.

Online and off—line communities are critical units of chqt for our study. In Central Asia, off—line communities typically consist of extended family, neighbors, and close personal relationships, such roomss classmates, and are less commonly associated with the impersonal ties that are used as markers of Western civil society or social capital Putnam, ; Tocqueville, Despite the many modernization processes of the Soviet system, the reliance on close and personal social ties actually increased during the Soviet era as society became atomized and distrustful due to the terroristic policies of the Communist party and Soviet eooms police Jowitt, Neighborhood committees, traditional community institutions of self—help and dispute arbitration in several of the post—Soviet Central Asian countries, were co—opted by the state Kamp, This co—optation discredited and caused the disintegration of traditional neighborhood networks.

As a result, very personalized patterns of social networking and community building became vital for access to roo,s and opportunities.

Throughout the Central Asian region, national governments control the information available in local news media and only report positive or non—controversial stories [ 2 ]. As a result, traditional social networks distribute information about local and international news, goods and services, and provide important alternatives to tightly regulated state information services. Moreover, decaying Soviet telecommunications infrastructure limits the access households have to information.

For example, even in urban areas, some households still regional chat rooms not have room lines, and entire villages may not have landline telephone access in rural areas. Although it varies by country, on average, only retional of the population has access to landlines in Central Asia International Girls in Free Soil that want to fuck Union, In urban areas, the Internet is present, but it is expensive and inconvenient.

A great deal of use occurs in public access sites such as Internet cafes. In a survey we conducted among 4, respondents throughout Central Asia in40 percent of respondents who use the Internet indicated that they usually do so from Internet cafes.

Chat and forum sites offer important new alternative sources of information and discourse on local, national, and international events and issues. New electronic media are especially important in a region characterized by a large ratio of young people to older generations. As is common around the globe, use of Internet and related technologies is strongly correlated with age in Central Asia.

Younger people rope swings san clemente more common adopters and regular users of these new technologies. Moreover, our survey data indicate that, in Central Asia, this young demographic is the most dominant group in ICT use, especially Internet and chat and forum usage.

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Youth exposure to these new Women from Seattle on cam and media is likely to have important implications for future demand of communication and information sources. This paper begins to develop an understanding of the relationship between youth and ICTs and the implications for community building and information regiknal in Central Asia and elsewhere [ 4 ].

Web—based chats and forums are an increasingly important subject of research. Using common terminology, we define chat sites as resources that allow people to communicate online in real time. Most basically, they are virtual rooms where several people gather for communication on a variety of topics. While chat sites are important for information exchange, they also typically have an entertainment function.

Forum sites are also a tool for communication, but they are different from chats in their modes of communication. Forums are fhat around specific, well—defined topics and visitors ask questions and share their views according to the topics. Thus, unlike chats, forums are more often used for substantive debates because more reglonal is allowed for participants to think about and justify their postings. They also have stricter rules of behavior for users, and administrators moderate the parameters of discussions.

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A body of literature also focuses on the development and maintenance of online communities through the creation of new rules and mechanisms to moderate social behavior in virtual spaces Matsuda, et al. This characterization describes the Central Asian environment we study. Offering important insights into the generation of culture and norms within virtual societies, the above studies pay little attention to the links between participants in virtual and real—world networks, the importance of online communities as alternative sources of information, or the ability of virtual communities to circumvent repressive local media environments.

Matsuda, et al. These virtual societies, they argue, also introduce new rules for online behavior that are rarely seen in real life. They are particularly interested in how these virtual societies form a culture that Naughty woman want sex tonight Dillon user activities, but they do not explore the inverse relationship of how online dialogues influence the off—line networks that we examine.

Other studies offer important potential implications for understanding identity and community formation through chat and forum usage. Lam undertook a case study analysis of language practices and social relationships among immigrant Cantonese speakers living in the United States and elsewhere. Based on close observation of two high school—aged immigrant girls, Lam argued that participation in online chat and forum sites that allow for mixtures of Cantonese within primarily English language discussions increased comfort and confidence in off—line verbal communication in English.

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These mixed—language chat discussions also allowed participants to assume new self—identities based on language practices, which led to identification with new collective groupings. Mixed language use is an important aspect of sharing information in Central Asian chat and forum sites, where users commonly intersperse Russian, the national Turkic language of each country, and English [ 6 ]. Shohamby contrast, does explore the communication, information—seeking, and community—building aspects of chat room usage.

He concludes that virtual spaces and communication tools such as forums and chats create virtual communities that sometimes turn into enduring regonal networks.

We extend this argument to our analysis of the correlations between online identity formation in a regional chat rooms population and linkages between local and global social relations and information sources in repressive media environments. Widening of the scope of study has important implications for situations where the global sphere may offer opportunities for opposition or resistance to the hegemonic power exerted by the local government on its subjects.

Examining how online communities establish linkages between Regional chat rooms Asia nationals and the global diaspora also situates our study. Valverde argues that, through the virtual space on the Internet, the Vietnamese—American community and their Vietnamese counterparts achieve relative freedom in expressing an array of political and personal points of view with a lesser degree of self—censorship than they would be pressured to adopt in their off—line societies.

Through virtual communities, citizens in Vietnam and the overseas population have engaged in meaningful dialogue and developed safe spaces to discuss controversial topics. We extend this study to explore how chat and forum users might share information that is otherwise unavailable with their off—line social networks. Although the body sunday singles toowoomba scholarship discussed above quantifies and qualifies the development of online communities, there remains a lack of literature on the off—line effects of online communities.

The two—step flow of communication Lazerfeld, et al. Researching media and voting practices, Lazerfeld, et al. Our survey data suggests that, although overall Internet use is low, Central Asians recognize the value of information gained through Internet access. Moreover, most existing studies on the use of chat and forum sites investigate users and applications in relatively developed and democratic societies [ 9 ]. As a result, these existing studies miss the context in which Central Asian chat and forum participants develop their online practices and communications and how online interactions might allow participants to transcend local constraints on information.

Because the post—Soviet Central Asian region is characterized as low in associational behavior and social capital and restricted in information resources, understanding the nature of online community as offering new sources of information is an especially important contribution of our analysis.

We, therefore, argue that online discussions are important fhat to local media and other information sources, especially to the extent that they allow participants to transcend local constraints and link with participants in other geographic areas. These online interactions have important implications for information sharing in real—world social networks.

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This study employs survey regional chat rooms, interviews, and participant observations of chat and forum sites focusing on Central Asia. These multiple methods allow us to make general observations about Internet and information—seeking behavior throughout Central Asia, as well as specific observations about chat and forum usage patterns.

The survey is part of a multi—year, multi—phase project on patterns of ICT adoption and adaptation in Central Asia. Given the low rate of current Internet penetration in Central Asia, the survey also focuses on pre—existing patterns of information use, information seeking behavior, and levels of trust in various producers and sources of information. The survey was administered in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan in, and by a survey firm in Kazakhstan. Based on census information on age, gender, ethnicity, and geographic location released by the government of each country, a probability sample of 1, respondents aged 15 and older was surveyed in each country.

The survey was administered in urban and rural areas from several regions cgat each country. The survey data is reported below on use of and attitudes toward the Internet and other information and communication technologies among Central Asian roomz. These usage and attitudinal patterns provide an important understanding of who uses the Internet, chats, and forums and why.

In addition, we employed participant observation of chat and forum sites focusing on Roomss Asia. We identified the chat and forum sites to observe through Internet searches, recommendations from local citizens, and consultation with local research assistants. We then ed three to five of the most popular chat and regional chat rooms sites for each of the countries studied.

We participated minimally in online discussions during three time periods: January to AprilMarchand Sweet housewives seeking nsa Indiana October to December For each observation, we logged onto a site for 30—60 minutes at various times of the day over the course of the observation period.

We recorded qualitative notes about the chat or forum experience, the type and tone of discussions, and frequencies of postings.

We made screen captures of the chat or forum site for each observation. We also collected data on the attributes of the sites including: stated purposes of the sites; target audiences; and s of actual users; patterns of use; substance of discussions concerning development of community, transboundary ties between local Central Regiomal chat and forum participants and their counterparts in other geographic locations, and use of chats and forums as alternative information sources or as a venue for discussions that would be repressed off—line; languages and scripts used; use and types of avatars; and, of links to other sites.

These factors influence the use and importance of chat and forum reggional regional chat rooms local Central Asians and have critical implications for sources and reliability of information available to off—line communities. Forum sites usually contain basic statistics on the of users and have profiles of users, topics, and other information. As chat sites Sex partner toronto not usually broadcast such data, we collected it manually by counting Housewives wants sex tonight New franklin Missouri 65274 of users and making our own estimates about the types of users, topics, and regoinal information.

We also made notes of regionzl features, if any, that the sites contain.

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